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Thousands of found hearts comprise Boy Sees Hearts museum-quality prints. Explore and select the Heart Artwork Series of your choice and choose how you want your heart art printed: giclee prints start at $10.50 | Customizable greeting cards start at $1.75/card in packs of 25.


The Mosaic Hearts Series

Boy Sees Hearts Mosaic Hearts Series

The Mosaic HeartsSeries showcases matrices of found hearts. After Eric Telchin found these hearts and captured them with his iPhone camera, he transformed them into matrices, placing each heart in the order it was seen.

View the Mosaic Hearts Series



Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Hearts Series


Big Hearts Series

Extreme Makeover Heart Mural Boy Sees Hearts Big Hearts Series

The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Hearts series shows Boy Sees Hearts artwork featured on the hit ABC show.

The Big Hearts Series showcases four selected found hearts in groups of four. Eric selected these hearts to create compelling compositions


Representational Hearts Series


Limited Edition Gallery Series

Representational Heart Art Series Limited Edition Hearts Series

The Representational Hearts series transforms found hearts into recognizable objects such as a human eye, a tiger, a butterfly, Greek goddesses and more.


The Limited Edition Gallery Series showcases selected found hearts composed in abstract designs. Available at Karen Lynn Gallery in Boca Raton, Florida.



View the Analog Hearts Series

Heart Artwork Alphabet Series

The Boy Sees Hearts Alphabet Series showcases 441 found hearts in each matrix. Each heart was captured by Eric Telchin on his iPhone and composed to create a letter of the alphabet. Each letter is available in to options: Confetti or Cloud. Hearts in this matrix were found in chewing gum, litter, nature and food.The Boy Sees Hearts Letters are perfect on their own, framed and displayed in a home, or displayed in groups of letters.

View the Boy Sees Hearts Alphabet


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Heart Prints and Posters
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